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Welcome to the official WIKI for the new game SWEU, We are expecting to launch in December 2015 or 2016 since it is taking a long time to script and more. If you have any questions ask on the question page and ask. The two main people staff are Tiger ShadowStorme: Main lead and creator Kurama NightShadow: Idea producer and plan maker

That is all the staff right now but we expect to have more soon!


October 25 2014 The Game is on halt to see if that CWA Emulator that is supposed to air on December is real. If its fake we will resume our work, If its real well we might not make the game at all or we might still resume.

Mission Statement

We are making this game because there are not enough SW games and we are making one for everyone!

The game is going to be opening between December 2015 or 2016 stay tuned for more news!


1 Respect admins and we respect you 2 Do not try to destroy this wiki 3 Do not cuss or disrespect

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