Alright guys this housing is going to be new your lots are nearby to other players lots too you can build in gitches and there is no sky limit, we will be adding houses from all planets you can also give permission to other players and they can build in you lot too, you simply add the name of a person to the authorized list and they can build delete or move things from their stuff and your stuff. We hope to see excellent builders in the game such as Xalandra Nova, Alaira Darlia, Wuher Mos Eisley and other master builders we will have sometimes a contest each month to see who can build the best house ever the winner will receive a prize or a pile of credits so get ready to build!

You can also build in space a space station and defend your station from your enemies if your station is destroyed dont worry it will respawn back in 2-4 minutes if your house in your lots are destroyed they respawn in 4 minutes

You can also build underwater weather its Kamino or the ocean of another planet, build an underwater base and defend it from others if destroyed quickly leave on an underwater ship and drive away it will respawn in 4 minutes